How to Go Out with an Infant with Special Needs?


Every parent or guardian always looks forward to taking the children out. This is always the perfect time to bond, relax and have fun. But, what of the child with special needs? What can a parent do to ensure that he just like other normal kids has a good time out? A parent needs to consider the following when taking the child out:

1. Early Preparation

Unlike a normal child, the child with special needs may require more time to adjust to the place. It is important to go to the designated place much earlier. This gives the child room to adjust to the place. Also, the child will not fell pressured to hurry up or behave.

2. Proper Packing

A parent should always go fully-prepared. The child may create a mess on himself, spill things, droll all over himself, or start throwing tantrums. It is vital for the parents to have all the necessary accessories ready. These include napkins, extra clothing, play items, books and more.

3. Prepare Well

Handling a kid with special needs can become a nightmare especially when in public. The kid may start throwing tantrums anywhere and anytime. Toys, books and other play things are known to calm the child down. A parent should therefore carry such items.

4. Know the Location

Before taking the child out, it is important to be familiar with the location. Knowing their regulations is also important. Is the place near the home? Can it be easily accessed? Does it have a child-friendly atmosphere? Such queries help in identifying the right location.

5. Go to Child-Friendly Places

“Is the place kid-friendly?” Parents should always ask this question before stepping out. Not all the so-called good places may be right for a child with special needs. A good place will have designated places for the child. The staff will also be trained on how to assist the children. Hiking with your baby is a good idea. It will take him/her close to the nature and he/she might like it. Before you go for hiking, invest in a good hiking carrier. It will be comfortable for your baby and you too. Before investing, read reviews of the best baby carrier for hiking available in the market and pick the correct one.

6. Limit the Size of People

YES, most of us love a large crowd. And as they say “The bigger the merrier.” Not so quite for a child who needs special attention. A large crowd may frighten the child. Also, the person in charge may be distracted from tending to the child. It is recommended not to have more than 15 people at a time.

We all know the challenges that come with watching over a child with special needs. Due to his physical and mental limitations, providing the special attention in public can be quite challenging. Nonetheless, it would be wrong to confine the child at home because of the inadequacies. The above tips make it easier to watch over the child while he/she has fun just like other kids.

Image Credit: SheKnows, Reviews Credit: Katherine Rosman