How to choose noise cancelling headphones?

33Noise Cancelling Headphones are those headphones which help in reducing unwanted ambient sounds. User can enjoy the music without increasing the volume of headphone. In the aviation environment, people get irritated because of the continuous unwanted sound knocking at their ears all the time. Also they cannot wear normal headphones because it is important to hear safety announcements as well. Keeping all these things in mind, noise cancelling head phones are created and designed in such a way that the users can use them while they are traveling in airplane. These headphones make hearing important information better to the user such as safety announcements etc. These Headphones help users to hear only those things which they want to listen. All unwanted noise can be ignored by using noise cancelling Headphones.

How do they work?

Noise Cancelling Head phones use active noise control to control the frequency of the noise. They use technique called sound proofing to prevent high frequency noise from reaching the ear. These Head phones cancel high frequency components coming to the ear from all the directions. Now days, most noise cancelling headsets use analogue technology. Also, there are many airlines which provide these types of headsets to all who travel in business class or cabin class. There are many companies who are making Noise cancelling Headphones.

Advantages of Noise Cancelling Head Phones

These Headphones hush ambient sounds by creating different frequencies that prevent the noise coming at ears. Learn about their advantages in detail.

1. Users can hear the lower level details by using Noise Cancelling Headphones as there is no need to increase the volume excessively for better hearing.

2. Noise cancelling headphones come in different colors. User can buy these according to their choices.

3. They also come in different forms like Full size head phone to ear bud. There are many types of forms of Noise cancellation headphones available in the market like IN-ear fit, Around-ear fit, On-ear fit etc.

4. Some of the models have “Aware” mode which allows user to hear background things when listening music.

5. They are very comfortable to wear. User feels relaxed after wearing them as they reduce the high frequency noise.

6. Noise Cancelling Head phones comes with rechargeable battery which makes them long lasting in use.

7. They are made up with soft cushion which fits the ear easily and provides better hearing to the user.


There are many people who suffer with a lot of problem because of noise. They will love these noise control headphones. However, there are some limitations associated with them.

1. They are very expensive as compared to normal headphones.

2. They are battery operated head phones which consume more power and hence they need to be recharged or replaced occasionally.

3. They are incorporated with batteries and electronics so they are comparatively heavier than normal headphones.

4. Some people may feel queasy after using them.


Noise cancelling headphones helps in preventing ears from high sounds and noise. These are especially helpful for those people who travel a lot in airplanes. This is so because these headphones prevent ears from the noise of aircraft engine and air conditioner. People should try these head phones as they are good and worth to buy.