Difference between booster and convertible car seats

Upon the arrival of a newborn, the entire family sort of diverts their complete attention towards the adorable infant. From feeding needs, clothing requirements, toys, sanitary wear to the sleep of the baby – everything thing is taken care of by the parents. Booster and convertible car seats are two such items which definitely should be included in the baby registry list.

While on the move, a parent may be required to purchase appropriate car seats for the babies. Booster seats are recommended legally for children above the age of four years and below eight years. These are children who probably can fit neither in the infant nor the toddler seat. These come with the regular belt system but have more height comparatively. For a baby with weight between 30 and 100 pounds, booster is highly advisable.

61Xpo6XCP1L._SL1500_Convertible car seats are futuristic concepts that paved way into reality for making life simple for the new moms and dads. Rather than making double investments and getting into more specifications, parents can also opt for convertible car seats. These seats are available in two forms. The first kind combines infant seat and toddler seat while the second type is an amalgamation of the toddler and the booster car seats. The convertible seats are cost effective alternatives. However the downside is that these may not be portable and (in other cases) may be considerably bigger than the size of the baby. If you are looking for the top convertible car seat 2014, check out Tot on Board’s website where you will get detailed reviews about such seats.

If parents are less likely to travel with their babies it is recommended to opt for the convertible seats for making judicious use of the investment made. In this case, while the baby is growing up, the parent will not have to worry to buy a new car seat even if the seat was not much used while the baby was between three to nine months. However if parents are travel freaks, they should focus on highly dedicated seats (infant / toddler / booster) depending on the age of the children.